About Arts Car Mart

At Art's Car Mart we carry a wide range of vehicles from the world's top manufacturers such as Toyota , Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Isuzu, Suzuki and many more. We have established our Bonded warehouse which is in operation. Our stock includes cars, buses and trucks, and boasts some of the newest models. Our fleet consists of vehicles from 2009 upwards, and there is always something for everyone. We offer sale prices on selected vehicles everyday. Also, we do special orders and duty concessions. Art's Car Mart caters especially to JUTA, MAXI, and JCAL Tours. To accommodate our valued clients, Art’s Car Mart Limited offers hassle free 3 - 36 months, same day financing services with low deposit and competitive interest rates. We also offer extra special rates to Taxi operators and repeat customers. Art's Car Mart Ltd. , is one of the major dealers in the used automobiles industry in Jamaica . Our full line of affordable automobiles includes brands from the world leaders in the automobile industry