Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To increase customer satisfaction, we are committed to adopt and implement a first world Customer Service style in dealing with our valued customers and in this regard we provide In House Financing with Same Day Loans processing to our clients.

We are intent on providing the very best solutions to our customers and extend excellent and quality after sale service. We have some of the best sales staff in the business, and our factory trained Service and Technical personnel have many years of experience in the field.


Future Development

In keeping with our outstanding growth and development, we continue to provide our customers with a wide variety of vehicles to choose from. We are currently exploring options for more affordable vehicles specifically targeted for the Tourism Sector.

We have customized plans for companies and individuals, such as our "Group Partnerships" where company employees can pool their monies together towards down payment and installments of vehicles for each group member.

Email: arts_car@hotmail.com

Telephone: +1-876-974-4750

Sales Team:
Sandra Roberts - 841-9898
Cleon Salmon - 382-1744